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Skydeck Chicago


233 S. Wacker Dr. (Jackson)
Phone Number: (312) 875-9696

Over a million visitors a year soar to the top of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower to enjoy the wrap-around view from its 103rd-floor Skydeck. On a clear day one can see nearly 50 miles into four states; the nighttime scene is also breathtaking. An audio tour narrated by a Chicago cultural historian includes tales of the city's famous neighborhoods and architectural attractions. The Skydeck’s newest attraction is The Ledge, a glass balcony extending four feet outside the building. And, yes, it is wheelchair accessible!


  • Apr.-Sept. 9am-11pm
  • Oct.-Mar. 10am-8pm


  • Check website for current pricing, packages and discounts.

Parking/Loading Zone

  • Nearest offsite public parking lot/garage
    • Tower Self Park
      Franklin St. across from Sears Tower

Hearing >>  

Features for People with Hearing Loss

  • Script/text available
  • For History Channel video on the building of the Sears Tower, ask at ticket counter
  • Strobe alarms in public areas and restrooms
  • Elevator has visual indicators

<< Info Vision >>  

Features for People with Vision Loss

  • Recorded audio tour
    • Languages
      • English
      • German
      • Japanese
      • Spanish
  • Touch and Tell computers
    • Provide information in print about numbered landmarks
    • Languages
      • English
      • French
      • German
      • Japanese
      • Spanish
      • Polish
  • Exhibit labels
    • Large print/high contrast/non-glare
  • History wall on Skydeck
  • Interior signage
    • Large print/high contrast/non-glare
  • Braille/tactile signage
    • Restroom
    • Elevator controls
    • Hoistways
  • Height clearance at least 80"
  • No undetectable protruding objects in path of travel
  • Elevator has audible indicators
  • Note: Displays on Lower Level 2 are under plexiglass so glare may be a problem

<< Hearing Mobility >>  


  • Level entry
  • Door has at least 32" clearance
  • Threshold less than 1/2" beveled
  • 2 doors in series-adequate space between
  • Push button door
  • Easy grasp/lever handle or none
  • Note: One must enter 1st door and then wait for it to close before pushing button for 2nd.

Assistive Equipment for Guests with Physical Disabilities

  • Wheelchair
  • Note: Available from Gift shop, ground floor, which closes at 6 pm. ID required.

Interior Access

  • Corridor/path of travel at least 36" wide
  • Ramps provide access to one or more areas
    • Skydeck elevator, lower level 2
    • Gift shop, ground floor, 1 handrail
  • Push-button door
    • Accessible route to elevator
  • Notes: Redirect signage in place for accessible route to elevator

Accessible Facilities/Amenities

  • Ticketing
    • 36" max. pass through at window on left
    • Identified by access symbol
  • Lowered telescopes
    • Located at each corner of building
  • Seating
    • Benches on Lower Level 2 only, not Skydeck
  • Public Phone
    • 54" max. to top control for side approach
    • Skydeck
  • Drinking Fountain
    • located on Skydeck
  • Notes: Gift shop counter 40"on Skydeck, 49" on Lower Level 2

Performance Space

  • Location-Lower Level 2
  • Fixed seating
  • Wheelchair seating
  • 2 integrated spaces
  • Additional spaces along wall in wide aisle
  • Companion seating
  • Fixed benches alongside
  • Note: Small theatre used to screen a History Channel video on building of the Sears Tower


  • On accessible route
  • Space to approach/view/maneuver
  • Wall hung displays and labels viewable from seated and standing position


  • Door clearance at least 36"
  • Car size at least 54" x 80" with centered door or 54" x 68" with side door
  • Elevator controls 54" or less
  • Notes: Staff operated

<< Vision Restroom >>  


  • Men's and Women's
  • Location-Lower Level 2, exit and entry routes
  • Access symbol identifies facility
  • Entry door at least 32" clearance
  • Threshold less than 1/2" beveled
  • Space in restroom to maneuver
    • 5' by 5' or T-shaped space to turn
  • Stall door at least 32" clearance
  • Stall door swings out
  • Grab bar behind and alongside toilet
  • Lateral transfer space at least 30" wide
  • Roll under sink with knee clearance at least 27" high and 30" wide
  • Mirror 40" or less from floor or tilted-Exit restroom only
  • Towels/soap/vending within reach
    • 48" or less from floor
  • Faucet controls automatic or lever type
  • Latch operable with closed fist
  • Easy grasp/lever handle or none
  • Notes:
    • Restrooms with ambulatory stall only are available on the Skydeck level
    • Signage directs wheelchair users to the Lower Level 2 restrooms
    • Accessible restrooms are available on both entry and exit routes
    • Toilet height is 20" for women's "entry" restroom, 21" for women's "exit" restroom
    • Door to women's "exit" restroom is heavy
    • Grab bars on rear wall in both do not extend fully behind toilet

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