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Excalibur Entertainment Complex


632 N. Dearborn (Cross Street: Ontario)
Phone Number: (312) 266-1944

Popular with clubbers but also for private events, Excalibur is located in an 1892 landmark building that originally housed the Chicago Historical Society. This River North complex has 3 levels of bars, dining areas, dance floors and lounges as well as a billiard room and video arcade. A mix of live performances, interactive theatre and DJ's keep the energy level high.


  • Sun-Fri 7pm-4am
  • Sat 7pm-5am


  • Varies by event

Parking/Loading Zone

  • Valet parking
  • Nearest offsite public parking lot/garage
    • CPS Parking
      10 E. Ontario

Menu/Food Service

  • Menu available online

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Features for People with Hearing Loss

  • Quieter table/section on request
  • Elevator has visual indicators

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Features for People with Vision Loss

  • Server will read menu on request
  • Height clearance at least 80"
  • No undetectable protruding objects in path of travel
  • Braille/tactile signage for elevator controls
  • Elevator has audible indicators

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  • Secondary entrance is wheelchair accessible
  • Location-Canopy
    • Covered route to wheelchair entrance begins next to main entrance and leads to rear entrance and service elevator
  • Level entry
  • Door has at least 32" clearance
  • Threshold less than 1/2" beveled
  • 2 doors in series-adequate space between
  • Easy grasp/lever handle or none
  • Note: Valet will escort. There may be a wait until the elevator is free or can be unlocked.

Interior Access/Amenities

  • Corridor/path of travel at least 36" wide
  • Ramps provide access to one or more areas
  • Note: Some dining, bar and dance floor areas are up 2 steps and not ramped


  • Door clearance at least 36"
  • Car size at least 54" x 80" with centered door or 54" x 68" with side door
  • Elevator controls 54" or less
  • Note: This is a service elevator

Dining Area

  • Wheelchair accessible tables
    • Knee clearance at least 27" high by 30" wide
    • Surface no more than 34" high
    • Pedestal does not block toe clearance
    • 36" path to/between tables
  • Pay at table
  • Chairs with arms

Bar Area

  • Accessible entry
  • 36" path of travel to/between tables/stools
  • Coffee tables available
  • Table service available-in some areas
  • Chairs with arms
  • Note: Located on all 3 floors. Some are not accessible.

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  • Men's and Women's
  • Location-1st level
  • Entry door at least 32" clearance
  • Threshold less than 1/2" beveled
  • Space in restroom to maneuver
    • 5' by 5' or T-shaped space to turn
  • Stall door at least 32" clearance
  • Stall door swings out
  • Grab bar behind toilet only
  • Lateral transfer space at least 30" wide
  • Toilet height 17" to 19"
  • Roll under sink with knee clearance at least 27" high and 30" wide
  • Mirror 40" or less from floor or tilted
  • Towels/soap/vending within reach
    • 48" or less from floor
  • Faucet controls automatic or lever type
  • Easy grasp/lever handle or none
  • Note:
    • No side grab bar at toilet
    • Rear grab bar only 20" long

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