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Inter-City Ground Transportation

Union Station - Amtrak

325 S. Canal (Adams)
800-523-6590 TTY

Union Station serves as a terminal for both Amtrak and Metra trains. Amtrak ticketing, customer service office, general waiting room, restrooms, Metropolitan Lounge and train platforms are on the lower level. Metra ticketing and restrooms are on the mezzanine level, with trains departing from both mezzanine and lower levels. A central elevator and short ramp link the two levels. Contact Amtrak for details on their services and discounts for passengers with disabilities.

The most accessible entrance is 325 S. Canal on the east side of the street, opposite the main entrance at 310 S. Canal. No accessible loading zone is available. The outer door nearest Adams is fully automatic; the inner door, push button. An accessible elevator is on the left along with a phone for Amtrak red cap/wheelchair service. Passengers requiring escort assistance, a wheelchair or help with baggage can just lift this phone for assistance.
Amtrak ticket counter #1 is lowered; ticketing machines are also within reach range. Metra and Amtrak restrooms are fully accessible except for blocked knee clearance at the sinks. A food court, reached via the south elevator, has lowered counters and accessible tables. Other accessible amenities for Amtrak customers include 2 waiting rooms, drinking fountain, vending machines and lockers. On the mezzanine level, there are automatic doors and ramps to the Metra platforms. Access for Amtrak platforms is level but a lift must be used to board Amtrak trains so advance notice is required.
Signs are large print, high contrast and non-glare. Elevators and restrooms have Braille/tactile signage. Amtrak provides escort service for persons who are blind or have low vision. A volume control phone is available.
Car Rental
Hertz has a counter opposite Amtrak ticketing and provides curbside drop off/pick up service outside the accessible entrance on S. Canal.
The Amtrak parking lot is located at S. Canal and Jackson.

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Greyhound Bus Terminal

630 W. Harrison (Jefferson)
Greyhound: 800-231-2222, 800-345-3109 TTY
Access Greyhound:: 800-752-4841, 800-345-3109 TTY

The Greyhound Bus Terminal is a one-level, modern facility which meets most ADA guidelines for disability access. Contact Access Greyhound for details on their services for passengers with disabilities. For lift-equipped bus service, 48-hour advance notice is required.

The terminal has a ramped entrance with handrails and level access to the bus bays. The ticket counter has a low shelf and fare slot. Accessible amenities include men's and women's restrooms, drinking fountain, pay phone, vending machines and cafeteria. Lockers are also accessible but not the machine to pay for them. Benches with arms are available.
Signs are large print, high contrast and non-glare. Restrooms have Braille/ tactile signage. A volume control phone is available.
People's Auto Parking, 568 W Van Buren St, (312) 913-9770

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A subsidiary of Coach USA, Megabus offers daily non-stop, express bus services between Chicago and 18 Midwest cities. To keep fares low, booking is done solely via the Internet. However, individuals who require a wheelchair lift must instead call the number above at least 48 hours in advance of their trip and pay by credit card at the time of booking. Booking early is advised as space sells out. Chicago's Megabus hub for all arrivals and departures is located next to Union Station on the east side of South Canal Street, between Jackson Blvd and Adams Street.

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