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Apollo Theatre


Apollo Theatre

Located in Lincoln Park, the Apollo Theatre has staged many theatrical hits since it first opened in 1978. It is also home to the Emerald City Theatre Company, Chicago's largest children's theatre company, which presents 5 family-oriented shows per season.

2540 N. Lincoln Ave. (Cross Street: N. Seminary)
Chicago, Il 60614
Phone Number: (773) 935-6100

Parking/Loading Zone

  • Accessible loading zone
  • Private parking lotóno designated accessible spaces
  • Street parking
  • Parking attendant directs parking and allots sufficient space for access.

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Features for People with Hearing Loss

  • Assistive listening system - infrared
  • Accommodations such as captioning are determined by specific theatre company.
  • Assistive listening devices missing at time of audit.

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Features for People with Vision Loss

  • Orientation to theatre-on request, groups only
  • Height clearance at least 80"
  • No undetectable protruding objects in path of travel
  • Interior Signage: large print, high contrast, non-glare
  • Accommodations such as sign language interpretation are determined by specific theatre company.

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Accessible Entrance

  • Level entry
  • Door has at least 32" clearance
  • Threshold less than 1/2" beveled
  • Secondary Entrance
    • Secondary entrance is wheelchair accessible
    • Location-Rear of building
  • Service elevator to theatre level
  • Parking attendant escorts patron and operates elevator.

Wheelchair Seating

  • Aisle seats with moveable/swing arms
  • Wheelchair access to stage/playing area
  • Total Seats - 440
  • Wheelchair Spaces - 3
  • Location
    • In front, stage area
  • Companion Seats
    • Moveable, alongside
  • Apollo Studio, which seats 50, was not audited.

Interior Access

  • Corridor/path of travel at least 36" wide


  • Door clearance at least 36"
  • Car size at least 54" x 80" with centered door or 54" x 68" with side door
  • Elevator not audited.
    • Parking attendant accompanies patron and operates elevator.

Accessible Facilities/Amenities

  • Brochure rack

Accessible Bar / Snack Bar

  • Counter service only
  • Counter not lowered
  • Chairs with arms in bar area
  • Ticket counter not lowered

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Accessible Public Restroom

  • Not Wheelchair Accessible
  • Men's and Women's
  • Entry door at least 32" clearance
  • Threshold less than 1/2" beveled
  • Grab bar alongside toilet
  • Mirror 40" or less from floor or tilted
  • Towels/soap/vending within reach-48" or less from floor
  • Faucet controls automatic or lever type
  • Easy grasp/lever handle or none
  • Small restroom with no space for wheelchair

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